• need help - GIA project

    Hello everyone

    I wish i am in the good website, I am currently working on my academic thesis, which focuses on the automation of access management.

    Within this research, I am conducting two critical case studies. The first case study examines a company…

  • How to change email notification fuction in "Designer"?

    Hi experts,

    I want to implement an email notification function in IAM.

    Here is the situation:
    when somebody makes a request, both A and B will receive that request. And the only condition to approve this request is both A and B agree to the request. But…

  • first measures and actions you need to take to setup a IAM platform

    Hello everyone.

    What is the first measures and actions you need to take, when your corporate wants to setup a IAM platform for the first time?

    Your corporate have several applications and each application or service has its own Identity and Access management…

  • Check out the NEW One Identity YouTube Technical Training Videos!

    Our One Identity Team just launched a new One Identity YouTube channel. We have over 100 technical training videos for One Identity Manager and Cloud Access Manager.

    Check it out and subscribe to the channel for the latest updates: https://www.youtube…