• SampleCustomizer on Table


    In the 'Desiner' in the 'Schema Editor' on the table in the 'Customizer' tab, you can assign your own classes (dll).
    I found an example of SampleCustomizer.cs that tells how to implement 'Customizer'.
    My question is…

  • Attestation Collection


    I want to turn on QER\Attestation\MailTemplateIdents\RequestApproverByCollection.

    Is there a way to use this only for Group attestation?

    I have Person Attestations I want to keep as is, so we can have email approval link.

    Not sure if version 8.1…

  • One Identity Support Product Public RSS Feeds

    We have recently made several improvements to our product RSS feeds. They are now updating in real time so that you can immediately see any new content posted for the product you have an interest in.

    From our Support portal, when viewing a product, you…

  • Assigning AD group to Business Role via API

    Looking for information on assigning AD Groups to a Business Role via the API.

    I think I may have found the correct assignments table but I cannot seem to get it to work: OrgHasADSGroup

    I have tried using it both ways with Group / Role (Org Tree) like…

  • Clustered index in One Identity?

    Hello everyone,

    I see in the official documentation that I can create new index using the schema extension tool. But I have two questions?

    1. Could this index create directly in the database?
    2. One Identity allow create new Clustered index?

    Thank you…

  • Not Able to update ObjectKeyManger field of AADUser for Few users. Not able to update Azure AD Manager field . ObjectKeyManger is grayed out for some user which are not even outstanding.

    For few Azure AD Accounts XmarkedforDeletion =0

    User's of Usertype = Guest in AzureAD -> I am not able to update the 'ObjectKeyManger ' (Display Name = Account Manager) column from Manager tool. It is grayed out.

    When I open the Table object…

  • Attestations for Account definition


    Can anyone tell me if they have done or how to go about doing attestation for an account definition?

    Thank you for any guidance.


  • Managed Level and case select ($ManageLevel:Int$)


    Where can i see the managed level assigned ($ManageLevel:Int$)?

    I want to create a new one and looks like I have one created by PSO support.

    I don't know which case to select for the new one I'm going to create and how i can assign the number to…

  • IF THE ELSE statement in Simple List Report

    Hello all. 

    I need to have "if then else" statement in simple list report xml view in such case:

    IF @Parameter=1

    <DatabaseExportDefinition BaseTable="DPRJournalSetup">


    </DatabaseExportDefinition> </THEN>

    IF …

  • Protect from accidental deletion


    Can anyone tell me how I can mark ADSAccount protect from accidental deletion?

    I see this is setup on containers but unable to decipher how this is setup and cannot duplicate it for ADSAccount.

    I know how to extend the schema in ADSAccount and…

  • Provision AD and Exchange from One Identity if DNS cannot resolve the domain

    Hello everyone, we recently upgraded our exchange from 2010 to 2016 in Production (Currently one IDM is connected to exchange 2010 and we have both exchange 2010 and 2016 in our production. However, soon they will decommission the 2010 version). I need…

  • OneIM migration issues with encryption

    Hi All,

    We are using version 8.0 of OneIM and already have a dev environment but wanted to create another dev env for a different team.

    As we are in Azure we cloned the entire VM and deployed it successfully, we followed the steps for database migration…

  • Install service on local machine


    How can install service from a server to the same server ?

    Only remote installation is available ?


  • SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition


    I try to install a demonstration envionment with SQL Server Developer Edition, but it does not work.

    Processing step 'ATT CheckInsertJob (insert post processing jobs)' failed.
    4 - Sql command failed.
    Error during execution of statement: exec…

  • AS400 / AD integration


    We at JDA currently using Authentication services and integrated our Unix servers with AD.

    Now, we are also looking to integrate our AS400's / IBM i 7.3 servers to AD.

    Could any one please advise me which one of your solutions will help us in integrating…

  • HistoryDB / DBQueue does not process any entries

    Hi ,
    after the first problem has been solved, historization does not seem to be going smoothly. We are using version 8.0.3. 

    If we start the schedule "Import process information directly" manually, the job "VI_SourceDatabase_Import" is set…

  • LDAP attribute deletion - Web Form

    Hello One Identity Community,

    I have encountered an issue as I have a specific need that I'm not sure how to meet. 

    I need to delete an attribute from the LDAP (OpenDJ) through a Web Form. If there is a way to do this via IT Shop or some other means…

  • PersonWantsOrg "Method MakeDecision was not found."


    1IM 8.1 

    I need approve request over API. 

    When I do request 

    "https://server/api/entity/PersonWantsOrg/dd74829c-73fa-4d1e-b8ae-059f517c783e/method/MakeDecision" I get error: 

    {"responseStatus":{"errorCode":"NotFound","message":"Method MakeDecision…

  • Change SortOrder of DBQueue Processor task


    Can we change the SortOrder of DBQueue Processor task? If yes, then is it recommended?

    Thank You

  • Port opening required for connecting One Identity Manager to SAP R3.


    We are configuring a SAP connector between SAP Client and Identity manager 8.1.1. We are unable to connect to SAP server as we are not aware of the port opening required at firewall level. Please let us know what port needs to opened from One…

  • ADSAccountinADSGroup entries not getting provisioned to Target System Active Directory

    Hello All,

    We are managing a few AD group memberships in IT Shop. Now for few days our production DB ran into issue so we had to tune our DB and then performanceturned to normal.

    But any group membership requested and approved during that period is now…

  • Web Services certificate validation


    We are trying to connect to a remote service via Web Services in IdentityManager 8.1.1. It works in v6, but we are getting a certificate error in v8. 

    "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure." 

    I think this…

  • Could not create a single object for table ADSAccount?

    Hi All,

    I have few process that run on ADSAccount table and whenever that gets run for creating a record in Active directory this process in job queue is being frozen and not successfully executed and the error it throws in "Could not create a single…

  • Active assignment request

    We are facing the same issue 8.0.2 IT shop assignment is not working as expected basically it show for the requester that the product he requested is assigned   (E.x business roles/ other entitlement) user try to use requested product since approvals got…

  • Regarding one IDM upgradation

    Service Broker not enabled for this DB

    Team, we are in a progress of upgrading one IDM from 7.1 to 7.1.3 in test environment which is the replica of production environment.

    still in test env job queues are running and trying to connect production DB, and…