• Frozen jobs: "Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: call method Replace for object type personwantsorg"


    We get, from time-to-time frozen jobs, that I cannot find out the reason for why.

    Is there anyone here, that knows what this means and pherhaps why?

    Here are some examples from the log file from today (I have removed the product and person name):

  • Assign account definitions in bulk


    I have an account definition that is not used for all and assigned only when needed. When we get the request for the assignments it may come in bulks. Does anyone know of a way to assign them in bulk through manager? I cannot see a way and don…

  • SAP lock unlock account Uflag 64

    I am having a problem in performing a lock / unlock of a SAP account to which an account definition is assigned, in particular if I try to insert a code uflag 64 (Administrative lock) or 0 (unlock). This also happens with the tool Manager, by…
  • One Identity 7.1 PersonWantsOrg - Person is not authorized to make requests at this point

    I have had this problem long ago using the API however the old forums posts are not helpful.

    Currently, in a mostly fresh install of One Identity 7.1 if I try to create a PersonWantsOrg request using Object Browser (logged in as viadmin) I get "This employee…

  • Membership in PostgreSQL role


    1IM 8.1

    I created Native Database Connection (ADO.Net) for PostgreSQL DB. 

    I created mappings UNSAccountB <-> pg_user view in PostgreSQL, UNSGroupB <-> pg_group view in PostgreSQL. 

    Create and removing groups and users in PostgreSQL works…

  • Custom Authentication Module


    I have following use case:

    * allow the employee authentication to api designer project

    * do not allow employee authentication anywhere else

    I am using Identity Manager version 8.1.4

    With current configuration of the authentication modules I…

  • Identity Manager Reset Password Portal and API

    I´m trying to understand and use the One Identity Manager Reset Password and after install the web portal, I can´t find the script CreatePassCode, I believe that this script are used to reset the passcode in the web api.

    Someone knows how…

  • Service stopped error: VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied

    Hi all,

    processing today suddenly stopped working.

    IAM version: 8.1.1

    SQL version: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU16) (KB5000645) - 13.0.5882.1 (X64) 

    The error in job queue is:

    2021-03-17 10:58:08 +03:00 - Serious: Last process step request failed with…

  • Identity Manager IT SHOP integrated with REST API

    How can I create a product request in Identity Manager IT Shop using the REST API?

    I realy need to insert in all tables that are related with ITShop cart and PWO?

    Anyone has a script that help me to find a way to solve this problem?

  • Error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" when importing personal data from SAP/HCM

    In our test environment, we observe the following error message 1 to 2 times a month in connection with the import of personal data from SAP/HCM:

    ErrorMessages (2021-03-16 02:51:55.197) [810222] Error executing script 'CCC_Import_IDM_Person_IDV_SAPHCM…

  • can't save database caustom log in catch region of a try catch

    Hi all,
    I have a strange problem. Probably there is a reason but I cannot get it. 
    I was asked by my client to develop a custom logger to database. It should be very simple and it is very simple.
    I also created the table CCC_Logs to store the records.

  • Restrict property to be read-only


    Can someone tell me if a script can be used to restrict property to be read only for my profile? v8.1.3

    We have a need to ensure that internal employees don't edit certain things since most data comes from HR.

    External users should be able to…

  • Is it possible to add additional product into shopping cart as 1st approver

    Hello all,

    we got a requirement to enable the first approver of the "Request Access" workflow to not only accept or deny requested products (which works) but also to be able to add additional products in an created shopping cart.

    Maybe somebody…

  • Pending attestations mit delegation

    Hello to all, 

    i hope you can help to undetstand how this works.

    I (person A) delegate the role "Manger of person" from Person X to another person B.

    After this, an attestation process runs and both persons (A and B) gets the pending attestations…

  • SCIM - Updating a multi-value

    Hi all

    In a target system SCIM, there is a multi-value attribute for phoineNumbers. One is of type work, and the other is mobile.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to make that work with updating both attributes with the correct numbers corresponding…

  • How can i add custom column to Password policies?

    Hello All,

    How do we add my custom password column to Password policies?

    My Requirement is to add my custom password column to password policies and password should be max 4 digits and password history of 5.

    I have created new Password policy only password…

  • Workato integration with OneIM 8.x?


    We are in the process of implementing OneIM 8.x into our environment primarily for IGA, JML management, etc. and was wondering if anyone knew and/or has tried an integration with Workato before? Use case for Workato is to essentially connect different…

  • Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product


    Please help me to find out how to set the Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product. I couldn't able to get the information in the One IM documentation.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • White Page - Address Book - central search field index not working with the newly added extension field.

    White Page - Address Book - central search field index not working with newly added extension field.


    I try to add custom field - in the Designer - Person Table - Schema Editor - CustomeProperty01 Field - on the Column Tab - Index weighting set to - 1…

  • Private DNS behind Palo Alto is not resolving Name Servers

    We are using private DNS zones for our internal sites. We are connected to the cloud by site to site vpn on palo alto and until recently our private domains have stopped resolving and name servers are not finding their way. Using dig command I am able…

  • Web Portal validUntil Extension


    We are using version 8.1 where we have a requirement to enable user to extend the valid until period via web portal. Is it possible to develop/configure something where recipient/requester can go to request history and change the valid until time…

  • Client certificate-based authentication from 1IM to web-service

    We have an existing integration with a target system via a web-service API. For that, 1IM performs calls to the web service API from a custom script (in DialogScript table) which user auto-generated proxy-code script (in DialogWebService table). These…

  • OneIM upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.4

    We are using version 8.1.1 currently and migrating to 8.1.4,
    We are going with that were going through documentation, in database permissions section, it is written -
    "If you want to switch to granular permissions when you update from 8.1.x to version…

  • Uninstall Defender Desktop Login 5.9.1 programmatically

    Hello all,

    First time poster.  Need your assistance.  We have a large environment and we use SCCM to manage all machines.  I need to uninstall version 5.9.1 from all machines and I am having a hard time doing that using script or programmatically.  I tried…

  • REST-API with ADS user account as Authentication Module --> 401 Unauthorized


    we use the One Identity Manager version 8.0.5.

    We have a first use case that involves using the REST API. In our development and test environment, the REST calls work using the system user as authentication method.
    In production, however, the ADS…