• Primary Location selection from Web portal - Slow to display list

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is something special I need to do in the Web portal to get the list show up quicker?

    I have the Primary Location (UID_Locality) as a selection on the web portal for when employees update or create a person record.


  • Message on portal home page


    We would like to display a banner/message on one identity portal home page for the users for some new functionality we are putting in. I have tried looking at web designer but could not find anything. Can you please help me on how to do that?


  • Account definition assignment logging


    Can anyone tell me what logs to review for account definition assignments and removals? I have some employees that were assigned a account def and somehow got removed.

    I would like to see how it got removed.

    Thank you, Lu

  • Software approval process


    The Software object has the attribute "Approval process" with 3 predefined values:

    • Approval by item
    • General approval
    • Global approval

    For what purpose can it be used?
    As I know, when user request several products in IT-shop, the request…

  • DB Queue slow processing version 8.1.2

    Hi All,

    I would like to know what is the best thing to look at, and or solution for the DB queue that has been processing slowly we have lots of pending processes in job queue and it has been 2 days.

    Hope someone can enlighten me in resolving this issue…

  • EX0Mailbox removal on Outstanding


    Is there a process orchestration step that can check the target system if it exist and if not split the step?

    I need to check if the person has a Exchange mailbox in order to fire the deletion. We have been moving people to remote mailbox and…

  • Database error 515: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Queue', table 'OneIMProdDatabase.dbo.JobQueue'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

    Hi All,

    After migrating from 8.1.1 to 8.1.4 we are facing below error while configuring the job server. Please suggest.

    Error during execution of statement: insert into QBMServerHasDeployTarget (UID_QBMDeployTarget, UID_QBMServer, xdateinserted, xuserinserted…

  • [813020] Component cannot be executed because required parameter 'ConnectionString, ConnectionProvider' are missing.

    Hi All,

    In DEVELOPMENT environment we are not able to see parameters for many of the OOTB processes and seems like none of the OOTB processes are working.

    All process steps are red in color.

    OOTB process steps with script components are missing the values…

  • Add a popup message while logging into Web portal.

    I want to add a popup with a customized msg for user who are logging into the IAM web portal. Can anyone give a guess?

    One Identity version 8.1.5

  • The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure

    Hi, i'm currently using 8.1.3, and i'm facing this error while sending a mail.

    (2022-06-20 12:58:22.900) [System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException] The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.
    at StdioProcessor…

  • Error on consistency data

    Hi to all,

    I'm having a problem during the consistency, this is the error text the version is 8.0

    The compulsory fields for object 'CCC-T-EXPORTPLUS_IAM_SEDI - DES_SEDE' in table 'DialogColumn' are either empty or have too few characters.…

  • Shared Leadership - Employee shall have multiple "Managers"

    Hi all,

    we want to implement in OIM the Shared Leadership principle for employees.

    This means that an employee can have several (mainly two) managers. All managers shall be handled equally / the manager shall have the same capabilities (e.g. Direct Reports…

  • No cache information for tables on Designer

    Hello everyone,

    I have an issue with my user which I don't understand when I'm trying to start Designer tool.

    It tell me there is not cache information for tables stored in the database :

    It's weird because if I start the same tool with the account…

  • DB2 provider not showing up during synchronization project creation

    Hello everyone,

    Are you aware of any working process to create a DB2 sync project?

    I've installed the 64 bit DB2 drivers and added those to the GAC, however the provider list remains empty when I try to define the DB2 connection.

    For context, I tried…

  • Database error 4104: The multi-part identifier could not be bound

    If I use the alias of Query.From(), I sometimes get the exception, e.g.

    Database error 4104: The multi-part identifier "Org.UID_Org" could not be bound.

    The simpliest example is this one-liner

  • IT operating data for business partner


    I have partners employees with UID_FirmPartner field.

    I need that accounts for this employees creates in the OU with the same name of FirmPartner.

    I had created account definition for this target system (LDAP). But there is not IT Operating Data for…

  • ITShop: Use single request reason for multiple items

    Hi all,

    for some Service Items, we mad the "request reason" mandatory. 

    When adding them to the cart, we get for each item a dialog to "Enter additional information about your request." So if you request 5 roles for 10 users, this dialog pops…

  • The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization. - Active Directory

    I'm trying to create users inside the "Manager", but not synchronize I get the message in the report: "The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization." - "Reason: The object has pending process steps".…

  • Web Portal using Docker image

    trying to install the WebPortal using the Docker image here https://hub.docker.com/r/oneidentity/oneim-web

    with the linux-amd64-8.2 tag and the following environment variables/secrets:

    export APPLICATIONTOKEN=abcdef
    export APPSERVERCONNSTRING="http:/…

  • Is it possible skip LDAP schema verification?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to connect 1IM to a legacy Oracle Unified Directory server

    the project creation wizard complains about a few errors in the ldap schema provided by the server

    I tried using the new "LDAP Connector (Version 2)" which allows…

  • Error syncing AD and releasing permissions on job server

    I'm trying to sync my active directory (windows server 2016) with One identity manager but the installation doesn't recognize my Job server.
    I tried to release the sync permission by the Designer but the application does not finalize the command…

  • SCIM connector to OpenText

    Hello, I am trying to establish a connection using SCIM connector in version 8.1.2 to OopenText that supports SCIM 2.0. However I am getting an error when I click on testing connection, I've setup logging to Trace level and this is an error: "System.MissingMethodException…

  • Starling Connector with ServiceNow

    Hi IM experts,

    We followed the administration guide for Starling connector (support.oneidentity.com/.../administration-guide-for-connecting-to-starling-connect-using-starling-connect-connector) and tried to connect to ServiceNow which is configured in…

  • MarkAsOutstanding object was published/reset but revert to being outstanding

    I published and reset the outstanding group object in Active directory however it is reverting to be outstanding. What should be the best way to fix the outstanding object? I need to to publish it as the user is in need of the group membership in AD but…

  • How to create an ad account in the right target organizational unit based on attributes of the user identity record in OIM

    I would like to create an AD account in an organizational unit depending on the values given in the attributes given in the user file in OIM, that is if we have an A and B in the customattribute1 and 2 we create the account in the 'OR' A and if we have…