• Trigger process when user is assigned dynamic business role


    We are trying to fire a prosess when a user is inserted/assigned to a dynamic business role. I can trigger an prosess from PersonInOrg with the "insert"-event when i add the user directly to a business role, but when the user is added with a dynamic…

  • Cannot insert object in PersonInBaseTree because the associated object in BaseTree does not exist.


    As I am inserting an entry into PersonInOrg during updating of Person table, I received the following error:

    Error during execution of statement: insert into PersonInOrg (UID_org, UID_Person)....

    Cannot insert object in PersonInBaseTree because…

  • Updating PersonInOrg


    Normally, we will want to update DB objects as such 


    Dim dbObject As IEntity
    dbObject = Session.Source.Get("CustomTable", UID_CustomTable)
    dbObject.PutValue("column", "newvalue")

    We wanted to update UID_Org in PersonInOrg…

  • How to delete an entrance from table PersonInOrg (through DB)?

    Hi everyone,

    I want to create a process which triggers when a user gets deactivate.

    This process has two parts:

      1. It unsubscribes already all "assigned" requests -> DONE

      2. I want to delete all existing entrances in the table PersonInOrg…

  • Dynamic role: start recalculation immediatly


    After changing the condition value in a dynamic role by a script, how start recalculation immadiatly ?

    Is there a step in process orchestration to do that ? Which parameters could I need ?

    For your information this dynamic role is assigned to a business…