• Running two Process Automation Processes in serial not parallel

    I have two processes one is a DialogSchedule and the other is on the Person Table.  

    The DialogSchedule process reaches out via PowerShell to get data and updates Person if it returns true and updates isSecurityIncident to true.

    The Person process is updates…

  • UNSAccountB process is not firing for INSERT events for Provisioning using Powershell Connector


    I want to Create Active Directory Accounts using the Powershell Connector with the OOB AD Sample.xml definition file in my Sync Editor Project.

    Right now I'm able to execute the Full Sync, so the AD Accounts are under UNSAccountB but I can't Provisioning…

  • ADSAccount Update Process Task Max Instance



    We're running into an issue where we have 5000+ pending ADSAccount Update jobs and each job is taking an average of 18 secs to complete. This would mean about 33 hours for all the jobs to get processed which is unacceptable.

    We were thinking…