• Web portal does not start /

    Hi all,

    we installed the Q1IM web portal on a testserver ( in test netwwork. Access on localhost works just fine.

    Going to URL bings up the Q1IM Logo and a running "processing" Icon.  This proofs…

  • Unable to log into IT Shop - A server for login could not be determined


    I have been working to configure a Quest One Identity Manager IT Shop, but have not had success when logging into the web interface.

    The message I get from the website is "[1074013] Login Failed! A server for login could not be determined. Servers…

  • Integrating Q1IM with ServiceNow (web service configuration)

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for some help getting Q1IM configured to ServiceNow. I need to be able to submit a request from Q1IM to ServiceNow successfully (for testing purposes). The steps I have taken so far are noted below:

    1) Created "ServiceNow" target…

  • How can I configure Identity Manager in Web?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to publish the Identity Manager webapp in IIS but I won't work. It keeps giving me the message "Required permissions cannot be acquired." as shown below.

    I followed the manual "IdentityManagerWeb_Installation.pdf".…