• How do i add a custom field and map it to HR Feed?

    Hello Experts,

    So i have a need to add a field to identify employees that are considered "REMOTE".  Currently we don't have a way to identify them.  We receive a field in our HR feed that identifies them as 1=Yes, 0=No for remote user.  This…

  • Changing Hostname of a JobServer in the Designer

    I have a scenario where I have two job servers (one active and one is passive state), both are configured with similar machine roles, both are in different data centers.

    Currently I want to failover my primary job server to the passive one by changing…

  • Using 1IM 6.1.4sp4, need to create a sort of Reference system, removing user data and current domain, keeping all customizations, connecting to a new domain

    Currently using 1IM v6.1.4sp4

    I need to build another environment by creating a Reference System from my current system, keeping all customizations, removing all user data and the current domain.

    Steps taken:

    1 Copied current 1IM DB

    2 Renamed DB

    3  Complete…

  • "Active Assignment Requests" box in the Person Overview

    Hello everyone! I am curious about the category "Active Assignment Requests" in the Person Overview Page, what is the significance of  this information? 

    My understanding is that it list all the requests raised by a user in IT shop which are still…

  • IT Shop still showing "InActive" employees.

    Hello All,

    We are having a little issue with InActive employees still showing on Web portal for managers in their direct reports.  I have the parameter set  for "QER\ITShop\AutoCloseInactivePerson"... Is there anything else that i need to do to remove those…

  • Unable to configure new Group in IT Shop - OOB Request

    Hello Experts,

    we have run in to a little bit of a snag.  When users are requesting a new AD Group on IT Shop they are picking the OOB option "Create New Group".  When their manager receives the request, they cannot approve it... they can either…

  • Cherwell (ITSM) Product integration with OneIM

    Hello Experts,

    Has anyone worked with Chewell(AN ITSM) Procuct to integrate it with OneIM?  if so, any kind of information would be greatly appreciated.



  • How can i increase character length of "Reason" field when submitting the Request in ITSHOP?

    Hello Experts,

    We have a need to expand the character limit on the "Reason" Field to accomodate additional notes for the users to put in the requests.  Where can i find this?  i tried looking in to Web Designer but was not able to find it...…

  • Is there an audit report for Object Changes besides History Database or Time Trace?

    Hello Experts,

    Our Audit department has asked for a report that shows when a user account has any changes done to it.  They are needing the details as to What, When, by whom(the Change auditor shows just the sa account)  they need which user made the change…

  • How to Run a Report of All Assigned users to a Business Role

    Hello Experts,

    We have some business roles that are driven by a dynamic assignments based on their Deprtment, Title and Location.  I am trying to see if there is a way to have a report on all the members of those roles.  If i can do it in OneIM, Great! 

  • Is there a way to Limit OneIM to use only Child Domain for GC Query instead of Parent?

    Hello Experts,

    We have been having a weird issue with our OneIM version 8.0.1.  We have multiple domains and 2 of the 3 domains are working with no errors.  One of the Domain we have is having all kinds of issues.  The difference is the 2 working domains…

  • DPRProjectionStartInfo_Synchronization running for over 24 Hours

    Hello All,

    i have an issue with a Sync Process that has been running over 24 hours now.  Its our nightly sync from AD to OneIM.  we have it scheduled to run at night to bring in changes from one of our domain that is not managed thru oneIM.  i now have jobs…

  • Full Sync Problems wih SAP

    We have noticed that we have a problem with the synchronization with SAP.
    Due to several errors, we took a closer look at the log and discovered the following message:

    "Process task FullSync failed"

    However, the job VI_SAP_SAPMandant_FullSync…

  • SAP Sync Problems - Process task FullSync Failed


    we are running Quest One Identity Manager in version 6.1.3 in our productive environment.
    Due to several errors with SAP, we checked the logs for errors and found that the following message appears there.

        Start processing object class …
  • How to check the object is modified by other processes or scripts

    Dear All,

    Is there any option to check the object is used by other processes or Scripts. I am calling a script from script component to modify an object which is in parallel used by another process so i am getting below error. I wanted to save the changes…

  • Trying to create a Reference System from my Prod Environment using The Data Transporter. Anyone have a recipe for doing this> (1IM 6.1.4)


    1IM 6.1.4 on windows servers, MS SQL DB.

    I am trying to create a reference system and have created a empty 6.1.4 DB. Now I am trying to copy non user data to the target empty system.

    Using Data Transporter I get many errors because related table…

  • Can I get download the Dell One Identity Manager Trail version to install in a lab.

    Hi Team,


    Can some provide the link to download the Dell One Identity Manager Trail version to install in a lab and Test.




  • Creating Powershell connection to Target System using the rest api

     Hi Team,

    I am new to One Identity Manager and have the task to use PowerShell connector to connect target system.

    Steps I performed so far after referring the Powershell documentation provided by 1IM

    1. In the synchronisation Editor, I have selected a…

  • Column format for First and Last Name of person table.


    How can we change the format for First name and last name columns in Person Table. We current added a Contractor from the identity manager webportal. We are using VI_Employee_Edit module to add a record to the person table . If a user enter the…

  • Why will the O attribute in AD not update?


    I have an attribute in AD that will not update in 6.14.

    I've added this attribute like I have with several others and for some dang reason it will not update.

    Can anyone tell me what would cause this to not push?

    I see it in the process orchestration…

  • Update Q1IM 6.0.1 HistoryDB to Q1IM 6.1.4

    i did'nt find any documentation about how to update HistroyDB from 6.0.1 to 6.1.4!

    is it not necessary?

    thank you for help



  • Custom task to delete ADSAccount objects


    I'm using Q1IM v6.1, I set delaydelete to 60 days in configurations for ADSAccounts.

    I want to add a custom task that calls a custom process to delete ADSAccount objects immediately.

    I can create the process with no issues, but how can let my custom…

  • Attestation Preview - Add Column


    Can someone tell me where i can make a column view-able in the attestation preview?

    I need to extend the schema and add the template for view.

    Thank you, 


  • Best practise for deprovisioning of a complete SAP system?

    Our SAP system landscape was recently added with a sandbox system (i.e. a complete separate instance of an SAP ERP system).

    The system had been connected to the 1IDM, ie. a lot of objects have been synchronised into the 1IDM database.

    Now the business…

  • Migration from v6.x to v7.x of Identity Manager

    Has anyone migrated from a Prod v6.x installation to a v7.x Identity Manager environment?

    I am looking for experiences, hints, etc. for the easiest parts, the hardest parts, suggestions of order of operations for the change day.

    I am tasked with the same…