• New Custom field not showing up in Custom Tab

    I added a custom column the Person table using the Schema Extension, and made sure the sort order was not zero.  Comitted, Compiled and then loaded The Manager.  This field is not showing up on the Custom Tab for the table, is there something else I need…

  • Already loaded DLL needs to be changed and renamed. How to remove an existing DLL?

    Running Q1IM 6.1.2: I inherited an environment that uses DLL's to allow for script libraries to code against target systems API's and such. I have coded changes to an existing loaded DLL in 1IM. It will have a new DLL name and namespace. I didn't inherit…

  • How to set UNSAccountB as Outstanding in vb script in V7 (XmarkedForDeletion)

    How to set an UNSAccountB as Outstanding by using a VB Script (XmarkedForDeletion = 2)

  • 1IM 6.1.2 Job queue Service getting the 50000 error 'Session Id for queue \nnn does not agree


    Working on a new Installation of 1IM v 6.1.2, getting the below error even though I only have one queue.


    Error excerpt:

    [821002] Error requesting queue '\FIMINFWWADV28' for database 'fiminfwwadv28\DEVD1IM_1'.
        [810023] Error during execution of…
  • RO (primary role) Approval Step ?

    Hi All,

    Anyone managed to get the RO (RO - Named approvers of recipient's primary role) Approval Step working for an access request workflow? Maybe I'm tripping over myself but can't seem to get a simple approval policy using the RO scheme working...…

  • Implementing and managing scope of control in the IT Shop


    Q1IM v5.1

    All the 'employees' in my implementation have a 'Location' attribute.  They do not have a 'Manager' nor a 'Department'.

    Administrators manage employees by location.  As such they may be able to manage employees…

  • Update from 6.0 to 6.01 fails before compiling


    Seems, that there something fishy with authenticating System User during version update:

    This is fortunately in my  virtual test environment so no harm done. I already restored db back to 6.0 and tried again, same error on login to System compile phase…

  • ITShop behind load balancer

    When I want to place the Q1IM ITShop between a load balancer. Do I need a load balancer that does URL rewriting?

    If my load balancer is im.local and the Q1IM ITShop is on server server1.local. The users must go to im.local and will be redirected to server1…

  • Delayed save / Deferred Operations via DialogScript

    Hi All

    Has anyone experienced a way to do a delayed save or a deferred operation using a dialog script?

    In my use case, i'm getting an data feed that is giving me input for an change in position for an employee. Employee-Position relation is realized using…

  • AD group managed by a group not an account


    I am working with a customer to put their AD groups into IT Shop & have come across an issue that I had not considered before.   In AD users and groups I can see that some groups are managed by other AD groups rather than an AD user account.


  • Data import tables for Department


    In Q1im version 6.0 Data Import tool seems to have changed so that it doesn't show columns like shortname any more like in version 5? We have HR feed that gives "codes" from other tables and no names from other than csv-files. I imported the csv with…

  • New AD groups not showing up in the IT Shop


    I'm new to Quest One IDM but I have taken the training course. The issue I'm experiencing is that new groups that I add to AD are not available in the IT Shop. They are loaded in to Q1IDM but I seem to be missing a piece where I'm able to create…

  • How to trigger automated de-provisioning?


    I can't find the way how can I trigger an automated de-provision when the user is permanently disable.

    The expected behavior is:

    1) Account gets permanently disable (from HR feed)

    2) Wait a defined number of days, then

    3) For each application/resource…

  • Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users

    Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users that own a mailbox in case the employee is terminated or quits.

    I have the following powershell scripts to process output of Exchange 2010 PowerShell cmdlets from within a Quest…

  • Creating a user account in Q1IM - VB.net Script

    I would like to have a script that creates a new user name(user account) in Q1IM with first initial and last name. If the same name already exists add a middle initial. If still exists add a numerical value to the new username. I have the following script…

  • UnhandledException has occurred in your application

    UnhandledException has occurredin your application error pops up during Q1IM database installation. Any help would be appreciated:

    Attached here is also the screen shots of the error message.

    See the end of this message for details on invoking

  • Exchange 2010 Error

    Has anyone received this error before?

    2013-06-06 02:47:10 -06:00 - VI.JobService.JobComponents.Ex2010Component - 3ff229d5-ccfa-45c1-9aa7-ce8ec5dea32c: Errors occured
        [1607002] Login with user account tmglab\svc_q1im failed.
        [1617004] Error creating the…

  • Import an XML file into Q1IM to create a new person in Q1IM

    We need to create a new person in Q1IM from XML file:

    The following are the attributes we need to map


    <PERSON EMPLID="2013041">
        <NAME flag="A">

  • Create central user account in Q1IM

    I have the following script to create the central user account= First Initial and lastName.If the same first name and last name exist add numerical valvue to the UserID created. But my script is creating only LastName as Central User Account. Please help…

  • provide manager access to the deprovisioned mailboxes

    We are trying to provide manager access to the mailboxes, but then I also want to hide the mailboxes for disabled accounts in Q1IM. Any suggestion would be helpful. We are not using ARS.

  • Bypass Unsubscribe workflow on attestation revoke

    Hi All,

    I have configured an attestation policy than on revoke the business role is removed/unsubscribed from the user, to bypass all the steps in the unsubscribe workflow I added at the beginning a query that checks if there is an attestation case that…

  • Business role available but invisible to the user


    We need to give a user the membership of a business role that is linked with a group in ADS, but for some users (in a birthright role) this BR should not be visible from the web front end.

    I tried just leaving the associated requestable resource in…

  • QC AS400 error

    Tested connection of the account from AS400 and it was successful.

    I've done the following steps per the manual:

    1. Click the Mapping tab.

    2. Select the Active Directory Connector from the list.

    3. Click Add mapping pair at the top of the screen.

    4. A…

  • Web portal does not start /

    Hi all,

    we installed the Q1IM web portal on a testserver ( in test netwwork. Access on localhost works just fine.

    Going to URL bings up the Q1IM Logo and a running "processing" Icon.  This proofs…

  • Use a script to call an action within Q1IM

    Is it possible to use a script (for instance PS) to trigger a process within Q1IM ?

    If yes could you please provide me some example ?