• Attestation Preview - Add Column


    Can someone tell me where i can make a column view-able in the attestation preview?

    I need to extend the schema and add the template for view.

    Thank you, 


  • Bypass Unsubscribe workflow on attestation revoke

    Hi All,

    I have configured an attestation policy than on revoke the business role is removed/unsubscribed from the user, to bypass all the steps in the unsubscribe workflow I added at the beginning a query that checks if there is an attestation case that…

  • Trigger Attestation Schedules from Web Browser?

    Is there a way to trigger an attestation schedules from a web browser? any ideas please?

  • Formated date value for attestation procedure

    Hi Everyone,


    We are creating an attestation for retiring employees. For that we are going to show the exit date on the attestation form.

    Is it possible to format the date value for just the date without time in the attestation procedure, or do we need…