Why will the O attribute in AD not update?


I have an attribute in AD that will not update in 6.14.

I've added this attribute like I have with several others and for some dang reason it will not update.

Can anyone tell me what would cause this to not push?

I see it in the process orchestration trying to update but it will not.

The attribute i'm trying to update is the o attribute in AD. 

I extended the AD schema in ADSAccount to consume this from SOA.

I'm not able to tell why it will not update.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Firstly, I'd check the mapping xml. Are ParamsColumn="o" and NSColumn="o"?

    Is the file ADSMapping.DLL.xml present at the jobservice and uptodate compared to the contents of Domain.MappingInfo?

    How many domains are handled by the same jobservice? If there is more than one, it's a good idea to have a unique mapping filename per domain to prevent overwriting.

    If all this is OK, I'd suggest having a look at the jobservice log for exceptions and the NSProviderTrace log created by enabling component debug mode in the jobservice configuration. Is there any indication that the attribute is written?
  • Rene,
    I had different Mapping.dll.xml files but one seemed to be missing not sure where it went.
    I just exported the current mapping to the same file name then imported it back and now the attributes are updating.
    Thank you, Lu