Column format for First and Last Name of person table.


How can we change the format for First name and last name columns in Person Table. We current added a Contractor from the identity manager webportal. We are using VI_Employee_Edit module to add a record to the person table . If a user enter the first name as "  JON SMITH  " by using TRIM function in the update action I removed the spaces and added the name to person table as "JON SMITH" but how can we convert the name to "Jon Smith" all I see update function only takes Upper and Lower functions. I tried the below code and i am only able to update the First name of the word to upper and other to lower case .

Function: if (len(from Person select current FirstName) > 0) then Upper (VID_Left(from Person select current FirstName ,1))+ Lower (VID_Right(from Person select current FirstName,len(from Person select current FirstName)-1)) 

Output for the abouve function is "Jon Smith"

Please suggest me how can I get the out put as "Jon Smith" .


Thank you.