Best practise for deprovisioning of a complete SAP system?

Our SAP system landscape was recently added with a sandbox system (i.e. a complete separate instance of an SAP ERP system).

The system had been connected to the 1IDM, ie. a lot of objects have been synchronised into the 1IDM database.

Now the business has decided to completely remove the sandbox SAP system (deprovision the hosted SAP system). The system will never come back online.

Question: What is the best practise to delete all the objects in the 1IDM database related to the SAP system to be buried in the next couple of days?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Hi Jörg

    I'd go through the SAP-tables of Identity Manager using appropriate where clauses selecting only objects of the dedicated system to delete those entries from the Identity Manager database.

    Before doing that in production, i strongly recommend to develop and test those statements in your development and testing environment before hitting the prod environment and to have a database backup ready before running the first delete statement.



  • Hi Jörg,

    becasue this will happen quite often - at least in our Company - we have developed a process to delete a complete SAP Client from IAM. Here I try to summerize the main steps

    1. Abort all existing ITWebShopOrders for roles

    - Wait -

    2. Abort all existing ITWebSHopOrder for accounts

    - Wait -

    3. Remove user accounts from Business roles - if existent

    - Wait -

    4. Delete account ressources

    - Wait -

    5. Delete DialogMultiLanguageEntries for all Service Items

    - Wait -

    6. Remove SAP Groups (isforITShop true and false) / SAPHRP from ITShop

    - Wait -

    7. Delete all Service Items

    - Wait -

    8. Handel all Person records which are on VI_Consistant 'D'

    - Wait -

    9. Remove SAP Groups / SAPHRP / SAPPrinter / SAP Company / StartMenu / .... from Client

    - Wait -

    10. Remove Client Node

    11. Send sucess e-mail


    The wait statementsw are quit important, because the deletion will start a lot of calculations / processes. With wait we check if all processes / calculation are done from the previous step and that we don't slow down the complete System.


    Hope this was helpfull at least a list of Topics which you have to think about.