Unable to configure new Group in IT Shop - OOB Request

Hello Experts,

we have run in to a little bit of a snag.  When users are requesting a new AD Group on IT Shop they are picking the OOB option "Create New Group".  When their manager receives the request, they cannot approve it... they can either Deny or Configure the group.  I have changed the workflow to route the request to appropriate department but when a tech is trying to configure the group, we get an error stating below.

An Exception has occurred while executing the form method Popup5_Popup5_ControlRef2_Container23_Button3_Method.

One or more errors occurred.

The property PWOToDecide.OrderDetail1 could not be set.

Request procedures:Write permission denied for value "Additional request data".

While it seems like a a permissions issue, i can't see anywhere its being denied.  so is there a way to either add an option to approve the request and we can work it manually?

All your help is greatly appreciated.