Using 1IM 6.1.4sp4, need to create a sort of Reference system, removing user data and current domain, keeping all customizations, connecting to a new domain

Currently using 1IM v6.1.4sp4

I need to build another environment by creating a Reference System from my current system, keeping all customizations, removing all user data and the current domain.

Steps taken:

1 Copied current 1IM DB

2 Renamed DB

3  Complete install on new job server

4 Trying to get the job server and queues matching old system to work

      Running into this: Cannot get Job Server to start without error:

         [821002] Error requesting queue 'AD-UPDATE' for database 'sqlinfwwdvt09\dctst09\OPP1IM'.
[810023] Error during execution of statement: exec vid_JobInitQueue_0 N'AD-UPDATE', N'd7ccdb53-26de-4573-aa84-f22fa59fc3ef'
[810143] Database error 50000: detected in (SRV=SQLINFWWDVT09\DCTST09, DB=OPP1IM) Procedure vid_JobInitQueue_0, Line 10
[810143] Database error 50000: No server found for the queue AD-UPDATE.<x>

     I believe the error indicates that the "server" is not in the server table.

     Can't create new server entry as it requires a hardware entry and the server entry requires an OU which doesn't exist.

     (Trying to get the job server running so I can add the domain and sync to it.

5 After getting the job server running I will remove the current user data

6  Remove the current domain (getting ready for the new domain)

Any ideas for me?  Thanks, Todd Fendt