• has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts/Groups in OneIM?

    has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts in OneIM?  I have been trying to get it right but keep running in to problems when i do data import.  All of your assistance is greatly appreciated.  here are my headers for the data.



  • Using 1IM 6.1.4sp4, need to create a sort of Reference system, removing user data and current domain, keeping all customizations, connecting to a new domain

    Currently using 1IM v6.1.4sp4

    I need to build another environment by creating a Reference System from my current system, keeping all customizations, removing all user data and the current domain.

    Steps taken:

    1 Copied current 1IM DB

    2 Renamed DB

    3  Complete…

  • DBQueue having processes that never end


    We have been having a problem in the last days. Apparently our DBQueue have a big amount (over 1 million) of processes of type "Check single dynamic role" that are being processed but the amount of them increase again from time to time. We think…

  • 1IM 8.1 DPRMemberShipAction and Frozen ADS Group Updates

    I have 225 row in DPRMemberShipAction.  Two ADSGroups are not being updated

    Error Message: 

    ErrorMessages = (2018-04-13 13:01:52.200) [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Active Directory Domain (DC=WCU,DC=EDU))'s workflow (Provisioning).…

  • Problem logging in any 1IM application



    Today we were working as usual in 1IM and we got a problem compiling the database related with a script that we haven't touched for days. After this, now we can not log in in any 1IM application (the connectivity with the database is working and…

  • How to find the current approver(s) for a ITShop request?

    Hi all,

    [1IM version 6.1.4 (soon to be 7.1), windows servers, MS SQL DB]

    I am writing or trying to write a query that will find the current approver or approvers for a PWO/ITShop request. 

    I have kind of got a product Owner approval step working, but it…

  • Dynamic Business Role and removing ad Group while retaining membership - viinherite

    Hi all,


    1IM v6.1.4 ( soon to be 7)


    I am using a Dynamic Business Role to populate AD Groups used for access security. I need to be bale to remove an AD Group from the Dynamic Bus Role and have the ad Group retain the memberships. 


    I created a Dynamic…

  • Connect Exchange 2016 Loadbalancer with 1IM 7.0.2


    currently I am trying to create a sync project in 1IM 7.0.2 for Exchange 2016. As Exchange Server I want to use a load balancer address. The connection is tested successfully.

    The problem is that I cannot finish the creation of the synchronization…