has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts/Groups in OneIM?

has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts in OneIM?  I have been trying to get it right but keep running in to problems when i do data import.  All of your assistance is greatly appreciated.  here are my headers for the data.



i have tried to map it as best as i can.  here is the XML.

<ImportDefinition Table="ADSGroup" Mode="Insert" ScriptName="CCC_ADSGroup_Import">
<LineProvider Name="CSV" Encoding="Windows-1252" Culture="" TimeZone="Central Standard Time" HeaderLines="1">
<FieldStrategy Name="Delimiter" Delimiter="," MaskedByDoubling="False" StringBoundaryChars="&quot;" IgnoreEmptyLines="True" />
<Column Definition="cn" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="sAMAccountName" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="FK(UID_ADSContainer).CanonicalName" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="DisplayName" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="FK(UID_ADSDomain).Ident_Domain" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="ParentOU" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="DistinguishedName" IsKey="True" FixValue="" SourceColumn="ADGroupScope" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="DisplayName" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="ADGroupCategory" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="SAMAccountName" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="info" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="StructuralObjectClass" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="Description" ConvertScript="" />
<Column Definition="ObjectClass" IsKey="False" FixValue="" SourceColumn="ManagedBy" ConvertScript="" />
<Variables />



  • Next time it would help if you post the error message as well.

    But the first thing I stumbled over is that the delimiter in your header is different from the one you used in your XML. Header uses a semicolon and the XML is configured to use a comma.

  • Hey Markus, my apologies.  i think i have figured out the issues with the XML and was able to create the groups successfully.  The issue that i am running in to now is it won't place the group in its Container.  i was trying to add the pictures but i can't copy paste the images it seems.  but let me see if i can provide the details of my CSV and error here.

    Here is the example of CSV with Header.


    DLPB NB Director B1;Owner:Rick X. Billetz;Created: 10.09.19 wo 127986;PASBPMNBDirectorB1@Torch.com;NB Director B1;1;0;0;1;0;TORCH.preprod.lc/All Groups/Distribution Lists/NB Director B1;3-TORC-SYNC-101-3;DirSyncTORC;DLPB NB Director B1;<Key><T>ADSAccount</T><P>010f74ae-cde2-49f4-8f2d-f5baecce4937</P></Key>;TORCH;CN=NB Director B1,OU=Distribution Lists,OU=All Groups,DC=TORCH,DC=preprod,DC=lc

    CanonicalName and DistinguishedNames are the keys.

    when i run this thru data importer, i get the error:

    [810306] Error during execution of 'OnSaving' in logic module 'ADS.Customizer.ADSGroup'.

    [2088511] The distinguished name and the container does not match..

    i have made sure the Canonicalname works but when i put in the Distinguishedname, i get this error.

    CanonicalName is : TORCH.preprod.lc/All Groups/Distribution Lists/NB Director B1

    DistinguishedName: TORCH;CN=NB Director B1,OU=Distribution Lists,OU=All Groups,DC=TORCH,DC=preprod,DC=lc

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated...


  • Distinguished Name is not editable so just input the UID for the Container.