How to find the current approver(s) for a ITShop request?

Hi all,

[1IM version 6.1.4 (soon to be 7.1), windows servers, MS SQL DB]

I am writing or trying to write a query that will find the current approver or approvers for a PWO/ITShop request. 

I have kind of got a product Owner approval step working, but it is indeed complicated to address all types of approval steps.

Side info: My company uses a custom written website to allow workers to order products like Itshop items, instead of using the itshop website.

My co-workers are asking for a way to get the current approver for a request so it can be displayed and they can hunt them down.


Any ideas?  


If anyone wants my SQL code for the Product owner I will then post it here.


Thanks again, Todd fendt

  • Hey Todd, take a look at the PWOHelperPWO view, one of the keys is UID_PersonWantsOrg which as you may know is the main request table is PersonWantsOrg. You can look up PersonWantsOrg using UID_PersonOrdered or UID_PersonInserted as the requester/recipient information foreign keys from the Person table (UID_Person).

    Always worth posting your SQL , someone might have time to help.