Migration from v6.x to v7.x of Identity Manager

Has anyone migrated from a Prod v6.x installation to a v7.x Identity Manager environment?

I am looking for experiences, hints, etc. for the easiest parts, the hardest parts, suggestions of order of operations for the change day.

I am tasked with the same and am starting to put together a plan of items to test, building new environments for testing and the like.

I was wondering if anyone had experience to share here?

Existing environment: Prod v6.1.4 1IM, many target systems. External People DB that takes Hr feed and a few others. I use Active Roles in front of our Prod AD Domain. We use O365 so have onprem exchange and O365 tenant parts for provisioning (powershell and Graphapi usage). Custom Tables, custom columns. SQl DB, MS Windows servers.

Thanks, Todd. 

  • Hi Todd

    there's kind of a migration framework that can be used to upgrade from v6.x to v7.x, called M61. You should be able to request the last know good version of M61 by reaching out to One Identity Support. M61 ships with a Upgrade Guide, advising how to use and customize M61.
    Please do not understand M61 as a click-and-go tool. It's just a framework that needs to be customized to fit your indivdual Identity Manager installation.

    I'd suggest to get in touch with the Upgrade Guide first to understand how the upgrade procedure will take place and to understand what that could mean for you and your organization. Especially if you're willing to go this way on your own or to reach out to the One Identity partner network to help you out with that.

    There are more and more updated installations out there, each of them with an individual set of feedbacks and lessons learned. But this is due to the architectural changes coming with v7.x.

    Feel free to touch base for some more detailed information if necessary.