• what is the use of "stdioprocessor

    Could you please help me to find the use of a tool called "Stdioprocessor".In our server ,this tool taking much memmory and CPU usage.WHat is the need of it.Help me.

  • Changing the default shelf where Ad groups are auto-published

    Hello experts,


    We would like to publish our AD Groups in another shelf different from the default one. Version 7.1.2.


    We have tried to edit the script “ADS_AssignADSGroupsToITShop” which, as far as we know, contains the instruction to publish it in…

  • Get group memberships in process or script


    I have created a process and a script that creates users in a 3rd-party system (Mindflash) when the ADSAccount is added to a specific ADSGroup. This works fine now, but now I want to add the user to groups in this system based on group memberships…