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Changing the default shelf where Ad groups are auto-published

Hello experts,


We would like to publish our AD Groups in another shelf different from the default one. Version 7.1.2.


We have tried to edit the script “ADS_AssignADSGroupsToITShop” which, as far as we know, contains the instruction to publish it in the default path, but unfortunately we are not able to do it. We are not allowed to edit it.

We have also checked the “ADS_ADSGroup_Publish_to_ITShop” process and we haven’t managed to find a way neither… Do we need to make any modifications in this process?


How would this be done?


Thanks in advanced.



  • You cannot change out-of-the-box scripts, you would need to make a copy and create your own CCC_AssignADSGroupsToITShop version.

    In the process, you can override the parameter scriptname at the process step Publish ADSGroups to ITShop with the name of your custom script.