• Adding Custom Target Systems

    Hello everyone,

    After connecting with lot's of custom target systems, I started to have problems with the UNSAccountB table, I had to extend the table for each target system...

    I was trying to create a table for each custom target system, like ADS…

  • Handle Duplicate values of the Target system in mappings using Sync Editor

    I have a HR sync project which gets data in the below format from the target system:

    OI(primary rule)         <=   Target(primary rule)

    Person(UID)              <=    Person(UID)

    Org(Ident_ORG)       <=     Person(CCC_PositionID)

    The Target person table has  multiple…

  • Where to find SAP DLLs? sapnco.dll , sapnco_utils.dll , etc

    Hi all,

    The documentation for connection to a SAP environment mentions that 6 DLL files have to be in the GAC or in some directory.


  • issue with azure accounts

    Hello Experts,

    May I know who sets the flag OnPremisesSyncEnabled for AADuser account?

    I am seeing some of the accounts are not set with this flag so location details from on-prem AD is not updating in AZURE AD so when 1IM assigns licence to azure AD job…

  • ADSDOMAIN: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest

    Hello Dears,

    I am integrating Active Directory with One identity Manager.

    When I create a synchronization project through synchronization editor I am facing the following error

    "ADSDomain: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest…

  • object reference not set to an instance of object

    Hi Dears,

    I have one identity manager 8.1.4 installed.

    When I am trying to synchronize active directory with One identity Manager,

    I am getting this error  " object reference not set to an instance of object ".

    Can you suggest to me the solutions…

  • Powershell Connector Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using One Identity 8.1.4 and I'm trying to create a powershell connector using the Synchronization Editor.

    During the creation I get the error below.

    I think the error is in the following lines in XML file but I don't know what…

  • question on sync project

    Hello Experts,

    As Exchange sync is processing for too long I disabled calendar processing workflow and stopped the 1IM  services and then ended the sync job in error and then restarted services to trigger new sync.

    New sync job completed successfully and…

  • Memory leaks occur with Windows PowerShell connections, which use Import-PSSession internally.

    Do we have any workaround for below

    I am facing the below issue after recent upgrade to 8.1.4

    Memory leaks occur with Windows PowerShell connections, which use Import-PSSession internally.


  • Getting error Invalid use of default parameter when we update the account using stored procedure


    We are using version 8.1.3. We have ADO.net connector and written a code to insert/update/delete the user from target system. Insert code is working absolutely fine but sometimes update code throws an error "Invalid use of default parameter". I tried…

  • Call stored procedure with ODBC parameters in Sync Editor

    Hello community,

    I have a problem with calling the stored procedure. I read data from the view of a DB2 database and to insert or update properties into the target system from One Identity side I need to call some stored procedures. I am getting the following…

  • SAP SNC connection from outside the customer environment

    Hello all,

    we are trying to connect a SAP R/4 system via SNC to a oneIM 8.14. Unfortunately, the OnIM is located completely separately outside the customer environment. The connection without SNC works!

    SAPcryptolib is located in "c:\sapcryptolib".…

  • How to find count of target system table before performing the sync using sync editor

    I want my sync project to first check the count of data in the target system first and if the count is not null then it should start the sync.

    Issue: I have multiple target system tables which can be null sometimes due to timeout issue. So in the current…

  • Optimize Synch Editor - Reduce (remove) Get Object During Synch

    Hi All,

    I'm working with a JDBC connector and I'm synchronising UNSAccountBInUNSGroupB with a target table of similar structure. I have around 18k records to process - right now I'm just reading them in.

    My high level understanding of the sync…

  • Synchronization Editor: Test connection failure after import sync project


    1IM 8.1 (2019-01-21-108).

    I have imported Native Database sync project to PostgreSQL database (via .projshell file)

    When I click Test button (In Target System) for check connection to the PostgreSQL database see error: "Data source name not found…

  • How to decrypt the password from sync project?

    How to decrypt the password from sync project?

    For Ex : Cp_adsbasepassword variable is encrypted in sync project. How can I decrypt the password?

  • Synchronization with SAP R/3

    Hi everyone,

    we are trying to synchronize one identity with SAP but after to configure the connector at the end when the synchronization has to start we have this error : "SAP client 100 Must have SAP profile objects synchronized before you set up SAP…

  • Mapping Key Resolution from UNSaccountB to UNSGroupB to get ObjectGUID


    I've made a connector which only works with the Users class.
    The UNSGroup assigned in One Identity has an ObjectGUID, which I have to map when inserting av new user from One Identity to the target system.
    Please note that the groups on the target…

  • How to read event (insert/update/delete) in script property (sync editor)

    Hi all,

    I am syncing data in Application table which has the mandatory column "Version". I want to insert 1 on the insert event and want to increment that number with each update. How do I read the event in the script property in sync editor?…

  • Ho to read data from IEnumerable<CommitRecords>?

    Hi, I am working on ADO.net connector in version 8.1.3. We need to write our own code to push the data to target system and I noticed that we et the user data in IEnumerable<CommitRecords> when we write our own Multiprocessing steps script. Please help…

  • Azure AD connector


    We are trying to connect to Azure AD through out of the box connector in sync project. We provided AppID, domain and the user account credentials.

    But we are getting the error [Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirector.AdalServiceException]:…

  • Custom Project template is not available on template selection.

    Hi All,

    I have created a custom SAP synchronization project template from the existing sync project.

    Now I am creating another SAP sync project but on the template selection window, I can not see the custom project template that I have created.

    Do you…

  • Convert epoch time in Sync editor


    I would like to get data about Expiry date from AD - parameter msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed

    As I checked it is the same forma as AccountExpires parameter.

    Where I do not find solution is how can I create vrt property to transfer this number to…

  • Connector framework execution plan and efficiency

    The connector framework calculates an execution plan where the order of execution for each step in the synchronization workflow is determined. In the case that individual steps do not have a dependency on each other I do not see the steps executed in…

  • SAP ERP S/4 Connector in OneIM 8.1.4

    Hello All,

    We are using OneIM 8.1.4 version. We have requirement to connect SAP s/4 systems.

    Also, We checked that seems that in SAP connector we have only SAP R/3 connectors only.

    Can we connect those systems with OneIM? If so, could you please share…