Certification requires One Identity to meet rigorous security requirements to prove efficacy for many government and enterprise organizations 

ALISO VIEJO, CALIF. -- April 16, 2020 - One Identity, a proven leader in identity-centered security, today announced it has achieved Common Criteria certification by the National Information Association Partnership (NIAP) for its Identity Manager 8.1 identity governance and administration (IGA) solution. The certification signifies that One Identity Manager satisfied the most rigorous security requirements of government – including U.S. Federal, state and local entities – and enterprise organizations.

Common Criteria Certification by NIAP is an internationally recognized security certification comprised of independent tests to satisfy precise security and assurance requirements, in accordance with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 15048 standard for IT Security Evaluation. One Identity Manager 8.1 is certified against the NIAP-approved Protection Profile for Enterprise Security Management – Identity and Credential Management v2.1, validating to enterprise and government organizations that One Identity Manager is suitable for use by the organizations with the most demanding security requirements. 

Most high-profile data breaches are a result of inappropriate access by an external bad-actor or internal resource to data, systems, or processes where they should not have access.  A recent One Identity survey conducted among attendees at the RSA Conference 2020 revealed that 49 percent of organizations lack confidence that their organization is compliant with the latest data privacy and security regulations. Common Criteria certification is one action security vendors can take to enhance their ability to help organizations avoid these types of security deficiencies.

One Identity Manager 8.1 helps government entities and enterprises increase security without sacrificing productivity by providing the tools necessary to ensure that access rights and entitlements are precisely what they should be to do their jobs -- nothing more. With One Identity Manager, organizations can reduce risk, streamline and unify administrative processes; secure access to applications, systems, data, and cloud resources, satisfy compliance, and achieve governance objectives. “Receiving Common Criteria certification validates that One Identity Manager is designed and built with an identity-centered security mindset, suitable to the needs of the most demanding and security-conscious organizations, including government agencies and enterprises worldwide,” said Darrell Long, vice president of product management at One Identity. “More broadly, this marks an important milestone on our path to help organizations achieve the robust, identity-centered security strategy they need – a critical weapon in the fight against an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.” To learn more about the certification of One Identity Manager 8.1 visit our website.

About One Identity
One Identity, a Quest Software business, lets organizations achieve an identity-centric security
strategy with a uniquely broad and integrated portfolio of identity management offerings
including AD account lifecycle management, identity governance and administration and
privileged access management. One Identity empowers organizations to reach their full
potential, where security is achieved by placing identities at the core of the program to enable
proper access across all user types, systems and data. One Identity and its approach is trusted
by customers worldwide, where more than 7,500 organizations worldwide depend on One
Identity solutions to manage more than 125 million identities, enhancing their agility and
efficiency while securing access to their systems and data – on-prem, cloud or hybrid. For more
information, visit http://www.oneidentity.com.

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