IT-enabled health service provider gives new users access 80% faster, while increasing control, insight and efficiency with One Identity Manager

LONDON, UK – 23 May, 2019 – One Identity is helping Optum360, a global provider of IT-enabled health services, to get Identity and Access Management (IAM) right. Using One Identity Manager and associated services, Optum360 Ambulatory Services business unit has improved security while giving the right people access to systems 80% faster and simplifying compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

Optum360, a division of the Fortune 4 UnitedHealth Group, manages identities and protected access to technologies and medical data for 285,000 employees, 2,500 clients and numerous third-party partners across 150 countries. Rapid growth and increasing security requirements prompted Optum to evaluate leading IAM solutions. The organisation found it could dramatically improve efficiency, control and insight by deploying One Identity Manager. 

“By using Identity Manager…the time to get someone into a productive environment where they can start supporting the customer is 80 percent faster than it was previously,” said Dan Slodowick, Director of Information Security, UnitedHealth Group, Optum360.

“Businesses can often find themselves continually trying to strike a balance between providing correct and controlled access to ensure the security of the business and satisfy mounting regulatory requirements,” said Robert Farmer, UKI Regional Sales Director for One Identity. “One Identity’s solution for Optum allows it to operate at the speed of business, achieving improved security with greater efficiency – something not to be underestimated in the modern enterprise.” 

With its One Identity solution, Optum360 not only provisions users faster, but deprovisioning also happens automatically, when specific changes are made to Active Directory. IT staff can see who has access to what in real time, including privileged users. In addition, other standardised and automated processes improve security, simplify compliance and streamline workflows.

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