As we work together with our partner eco-system to deliver value to our mutual customers - One Identity marketing teams are continually innovating the message to ensure our unique market differentiation is a valuable winning formula!

To that end, we are pleased to launch six (6) brand new campaigns that we believe meet that aim.

Please take a look at these below - login to our partner portal - and then access these links to learn more.


Learn the benefits of integrating an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) system with Privileged Access
Management (PAM) technologies


Learn how to secure and manage SAP access rights, user accounts, groups, roles, profile assignments and transactions
with Identity Manager

Continuous Governance 

Extend a comprehensive and efficient identity governance strategy across your entire organisation

Access Campaign

Strengthening Access & Compliance

Securing your organization against ever-evolving cyber threats is paramount. We are excited to present Safeguard, our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution meticulously designed to streamline and fortify your cybersecurity approach

Access Campaign

Cyber Insurance

Multi-factor authentication, access management, PAM, Active Directory hardening and identity governance are all signals that cyber insurance companies are actively looking for when auditing their customers.

Access Campaign

Advanced Authentication 

Cyberattacks are more frequent and sophisticated than ever before. Traditional password-based authentication methods are no longer enough to protect sensitive information and systems from unauthorized access. That’s where Advanced Authentication steps in.

Access Campaign

Campaign Guidance

We will continue to develop more campaigns that we are sure you will want to apply in your regional markets. 

You can see the full collection here

Any suggestions for future campaigns - please email us at Engage

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