One Identity Deep Dives @ UNITE San Diego 2024

At UNITE 2024 in San Diego, USA, one of the highlights of the week for many is the technical deep dive sessions which will be held on Thursday 26th & Friday 27th September.

The deep dives have become a significant component of One Identity UNITE - and as well as the learning opportunity they also provide an opportunity to network with peers across the industry as well as build closer relationships with One Identity experts and practitioners - who not only impart their unique knowledge but share real world customer experiences that will help you envision successful customer outcomes.

Deep Dives are technical sessions designed for customers and partners, dedicated to specific topics and nuances surrounding a solution or product. These sessions delve into outlining specific business requirements and their technical implementations. Demos provide a showcase of how to effectively implement solutions that cater to these requirements. Going beyond conventional knowledge, Deep Dives often uncover some hidden gems. 


In this Deep Dive session, we'll be delving into the latest features in the Safeguard product portfolio at a technical level. The discussion will revolve around specific requirements in Privileged Access Management and how our solution addresses various use cases. The session will provide insights into the architecture and technology involved. By the end, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to implement or configure the solution to meet your specific requirements. 


This Deep Dive will spotlight the latest updates and hidden gems of Identity Manager from a technical perspective. Get insights into specific Use Cases, examine the challenges customers are facing and explore how Identity Manager features can solve these issues. The session will outline architecture enhancements and how to implement or configure the solution to these Use Cases. 

Active Directory Management & Security

During this session, we'll present and demonstrate the newest updates and features of Active Roles on a technical level. Discover how these features and integrations can tackle specific Use Cases challenges. We'll walk you through a step-by-step guide on configuring Active Roles to solve these challenges. 

Access Management  

Explore the latest enhancements and integrations within OneLogin during this technical Deep Dive session. Gain insights into the addressed Use Cases, learn about the architecture and discover how to configure OneLogin to match the Use Case requirements.  

Deep Dive Only Ticket (2 days):  Register Now   for $199 per person

And this year we have added the unique 2024 UNITE badge alongside the famous deep dive T-Shirt for deep dive attendees to share their experiences in social media profiles

Don't forget - One Identity UNITE is on all week - take a look at the agenda - you may want to register for the entire event.

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