Is it possible to do a parallel install of Password Manager without the Realm option

I have a live dual server realm at V5.5 and about 15000 active users and want to do new servers for the upgrade to 5.6.2.

Is it possible to do this without using the import/export with realm?

Is it just a case of manually re-doing the config on the new servers and making them a new realm of their own? More concerned about the question/answer order so that it matches the current config.


  • >import/export with realm means the *same encryption* key for security Answres stored in user profile (comment).

    on other hand you may have different independent PWM deployments in the same domain. Assuming you segregate users by AD\QPM-Allow group.

  • if I want to keep all existing questions/answers for all existing users I MUST use the import configuration method during initialization - and then reconfigure the realm and remove the old servers at the end?

    It is not noted anywhere -  but does this also mean that the new instance method will generate its own encryption key that would be used against the users targeted for that installation?

    ...just trying to get a better understanding. Thx.

  • Yes, you are correct. If you want to keep all existing questions & answers you must import the configuration from where those users exist in order to retain the encryption.

    Each new installation of Password Manager generates its own unique encryption key. As such, you cannot install a new server in an existing environment / realm and have users retain their Q&A profiles. If users were to login to the new server they would be prompted to create a Q & A profile - meaning all users would have to re-register.

    Be sure to review our Password Manager 5.6.2 How-To Guide as well for additional information: