Password Manager Self-Service Site throws the error "The password is incorrect. Please try again." for a known, good password

This is happening from quite few days only on our ADLDS instance, when we try to manage profile or authenticate through  AD LDS the PWM site throws the error  "The password is incorrect. Please try again.". The password is correct & every user is getting the same error.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    We're using Password Manager 5.14 the most recent version as of today.

    It is for all users that try to use the /PMHelpdesk or /PMSelfService site.

    We're not seeing any errors in event viewer, except for a scheduled task that we haven't configured:

    An error occurred when running the task.
    Additional information: Result: Failure
    Task name: TaskUserCounter
    Error 'Error.Auditing.UnableToRemoveRecordsByID'

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