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Question & Answer Policy Case Sensitivity question...


Is there a way to disable/enable case sensitivity to Question & Answer responses?

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  • Unfortunately there is no way to disable/enable case sensitivity to Question & Answer responses within Password Manager.
  • (in my opinion) AD password is case-sensitive. Q&A profile = password. Therefore it also must be case-sensitive.
  • The case sensitivity is a big problem here as well. People don't realize when they create the Q/A that it's case sensitive and forget.
  • In my opinion. Know Q/A = know password indirectly. Therefore, Q/A String Strength Policy (including case sensitive) must be the same as AD GPO Password Policy
  • I understand your point of view; however I do use Q/A profiles on other sites including banking where case does not matter. I only have Q/A profiles setup on 5 other systems so that comparison is biased. When you have 30, 000 users in Password Manager with varying levels of English Comprehension you're generating a lot of passcodes because of case sensitivity for Q/A. It would be nice to turn this feature off, when you're generating 100 passcodes a day because of this you'd likely agree.