Double QA Profiles stored on Users

I just worked on a migration from 5.6.x to 5.7.1.

After the migration manager ran, many users have two QA profiles stored in there comment attribute, with many users unable to use Password Manager.  Migration Manager was unable to resolve the double profile issue when ran.  The migration manger claimed to have "converted" A profiles, but I do not see any effect on running it.  What other solution is there?  Why are more than one QA profile with the same realm ID stored on a user?

Additionally, there were a good amount of users that weren't "converted" due to bad data.  Are these cases just going to have to re-enroll?

  • Due to a security enhancement introduced in 5.7.1 the data stored has been updated to the new encryption method. However the comment attribute is appended not over written therefore seeing multiple profiles in normal. If the users are still working in the user site they will be fine to use the product until they update their profiles.