Custom activity - Change AD and AS400 password together

Hello all,

I'm new to the Password Manager software so bare with me a little. I am attempting to configure a custom activity that will change change a users Active Directory and AS400 passwords at the same time. I have an existing PowerShell script that can change the AS400 user profile settings (e.g., password, expiration, status) that sends the commands using ODBC. I have tested it with a custom activity built from scratch that will unlock (enable) a users profile and it is working.

So, to create an activity that will change both the AD and AS400 passwords, I was wondering if I could convert the "Change password in Active Directory"  into a custom activity, adding the PowerShell scripting for connecting to the AS400, and passing the password that the user enters in the prompts to the PowerShell script. I was hoping that I could take the password field value ($activity.Runtime.Controls["pwd"].Value) and pipe it to the custom PowerShell command. This works when I create a custom activity from scratch but when I attempt to do this with the converted "Change password in Active Directory" activity, the value is blank by the time it gets to the PowerShell script.

Am I heading in the right direction, though? Can I pass the password from the converted activity to a PowerShell script? Would I be better off creating one from scratch (I hope not only because then I would have to build in a lot of error handling and such that is already built in)?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  • So I have done a little further testing. It appears that this built in activity may be using different controls than what is available when creating an activity from scratch.

    When generating a custom activity from scratch, you have the ability to add different User Interface Elements. You assign each element an ID. The IDs of all elements created in this manner can be populate using:


    And the vales can be queried using:


    In the webpage HTML code, you will find a div for "Controls" that lists all the elements created above.

    When converting an existing activity into a custom one, no controls populate and the HTML coding does not have a controls section. I can only assume that these fields are using something other than Runtime.Controls but I'm not exactly sure what.

    I'm still digging but if someone has any advice on how to query the password fields used in the "Change password in Active Directory", it would be much appreciated.