Password Manager 5.8.3 - Failed login at PMAdmin interface

Dear Experts,

we just installed Password Manager 5.8.3 in Windows Server 2012 R2.

The installation proposed to install the .NET 4.6.1, and we do.

We reboot and we start the real installation of the product using only default parameters, including the installation path.

It's required twice to provide a password, and we provide in both cases the Local Windows Admin password.

We launch the web-interface http://localhost/PMAdmin, it opens but we cannot login, not using Administrator / Pwd nor DOMAIN\Administrator / Pwd.

The red message appearing says that the credentials provided are wrong, but we cannot neither find these logs, not in the installation folder and not in the window event manager.

We found that the version 5.8.0 has some problems when using local admin accounts and that there is a patch that could be applied to solve the issue.

We went through the patch, but apparently, after starting the patching, we received a message saying:

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by

the Windows Installer service because the

program to be upgraded may be missing

or the upgrade patch may update a

different version of the program. Verify

that the program to be upgraded exists on

your computer and that you have the

correct upgrade patch.

PS: we can confirm that we already installed previous versions of the product and the installation was simple and without any errors.

Could you please advise?


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  • Thanks Rob,

    to be quicker, we finally decided to install it on another machine and apparently it was working.

    Keeping stick to what you wrote, it makes sense, but in our case the message was suggesting something concerning credentials, the same that was affecting version 5.8.0.

    Btw, now we moved forward, thanks for your help!

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