Password Manager Hanging on authentication

Hello Community,

We are running into an unusual issue that I cannot seem to find information anywhere.  We recently migrated PM 5.8.2 from old 2008 to 2012 servers.  The migration was successful and the old instances from the 2008 servers have been removed.

The problem is that now we are having authentication issues.  When trying to log into pmuser or pmadmin at the password prompt screen, after entering your password, the application just spins.  If you enter your password incorrectly it will throw an error prompt, but if you enter your credentials correctly it will not advance to the next screen.  Currently the workaround is after entering your credentials, after it spins for a minute, if you refresh the page it will advance to the next screen.

There is nothing that we can see in the error logs to indicate a cause.  We have 4 servers in the farm and trying to log into each server individually results in the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated