QPM & IVR Integration

Hi Team,

Can QPM integrate with existing IVR system?
below is how it work currently without QPM:

The IVR functionality is very basic.


  1. The call will call IVR from their cell-phone
  2. IVR intergrates into an APi
    1. Input
      1. Cell-phone number
    1. OutPut
      1. 00 - successfull
      2. 99 - Failed
  1. Caller is informed of result

The APi it self will : 

  1. Accept cell-phone number as input
  2. Lookup the UserId/SamAccountName associated to Cell-phone
  3. Reset Password associated to UserId/SamAccountName
  4. Send SMS to the cell-phone number on UserId on Active Directory
  • Yes, this sounds like a good use case for Password Manager's custom web services. If the IVR is external to Password Manager then Password Manager can be deployed in a DMZ type scenario.

    You can build a web API endpoint for the IVR to call, which would pass in the cell-phone number to Password Manager. Within the Password Manager web service, the user could be looked up using the provided cell number, conduct a password reset and send a result back to the calling API, which would be IVR in this case. If the SMS can be sent with an API call, then this should be able to be done within the Password Manager's custom web service PowerShell code.

    You can refer to the SDK\Samples folder where the Password Manager's installation media has been downloaded for a sample web service. The SetPasscode folder contains an example of a sample web service.