Users cannot change their phone number in Manage My Profile

I recently upgraded to 5.9.5 and now the option for a user to update/change their number is not there.  Is this a setting that didn't get integrated during the update or is this by design?  Note we use an extension attribute to store the number they enter upon registering.

  • This is by design.

    To be clear, there are actually two scenarios for Phone Number:

    Scenario 1

    The phone number used for "Corporate" authentication is intended for Starling 2FA, and in the latest releases of Password Manager users cannot change it - it must be updated in Active Directory. There is an exception - if the user does not initially have a mobile number populated in Active Directory, they can enter an initial one. No changes can be made after that.

    This is true whether you use Mobile (default) or any alternative attribute.

    Scenario 2

    If users choose "Personal Contact Method" and enter a phone number there, they will be able to change it at any time. However, this phone number is stored in the Password Manager profile only and is not used for anything else - it's not updated in Active Directory and not used for 2FA authentication or anything else. It is only used as an authentication method for Password Manager (much like Q&A).