How work Offline reset Password?

Hello all ;)

I try to get offline reset password to work but without success.

Here are the steps I did:

- installation of the OfflinePasswordreset on the Windows 10 computer

- Addition of admx and adml on the DC

- Creation of the GPO

On the workstation, I have the link for the Offline Reset Password, which shows me the code or QR Code.

I go to the Self Service Password Manager, go to  "forgot my password", I answer the questions, I create my new password ....

I never have the challenge code.

What did I forget?

Thanks for your help ;)

  • On the Admin site within the Forgot My Password self-service workflow, go to the properties of the Reset Password in Active Directory step. Select the 'Allow users to reset passwords offline' option to enable users to use the offline password reset functionality provided by Password Manager.

  • Thanks Richard!

    It works better I have the field to enter the challenge code. By cons now I have the message "No computer matching the challenge code was found. Please verify the code you entered". The code entered is correct", if I make a mistake the message is different. The PC and the PM (Self Service) server communicate well (ping ok). I look for ;)
    Thanks again Richard !
  • Sorry to hear this. I have not seen this error before and it is not appearing in our KB articles either.

    There is one KB (209067) that is related to an issue where the AD domain has duplicate computer accounts in the domain.

    Password Manager - Knowledge Base (

    Maybe your issue is the opposite where there is no computer account in the domain, for the offline PC that is trying to have its locally cached credentials updated. Can you verify this?

    If there is a computer account in the domain and the issue is still happening then I would suggest having support take a look at this by opening a case with them.

  • Hello Richard,
    I am in the opposite case of the article.
    I have checked that I have an object in the AD corresponding to the locked workstation.
    I even tried to leave the domain, then put the post back in the domain, reopen a session on it before redoing the IOffline Reset Password procedure, still without success ...
    I will open a ticket with support.

    Thanks ;)
  • From your News Feed, click Admin Panel in the left menu. Click the People tab. Find the user account whose password you'd like to reset. Click to the right and select Force Password Reset. Force Password Reset? Click Confirm. Click OK.