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users who work from home, have their computer assigned by the company (joined to the company), if they are in the local network, they can initiate the Secure Password and change their password or unlock themselves by failed attempts.

But when they are working from home, we had published Password Manager with SSL, they can enter from home and change the password, but if they try to enter the computer with that password they cannot because they are not in the company's local network. How do I solve that, everyone has access to the VPN, but if they block or forget their login password they can't lift the VPN to do the password-change?

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    If your users are able to VPN into the corporate network before logon, and they are able to change their password from the internet (opposed to only being able to use the SPE or Password Manager website when connected to the network). Then Offline Password Reset shouldn't be required.

    The customer would:

    1) Use either SPE or Password Manager Portal - connected to the public/internet facing Password Manager portal, follow the usual process of unlocking their account, or resetting their password. This would be using the SPE on their company issue device, or using a web browser on another device

    2) Connect to the Corporate VPN, entering their new password set in step 1

    3) Log in to their laptop using their new password

    If you cannot establish the VPN prior to logging in, then Offline Password Reset is the best option.