TPAM (Privileged Password Management(Privileged Password Manager)

1. What product/solution is TPAM (Privileged Password Management(Privileged Password Manager) part of?

2. Does this solution support a SCIM 2.0 compliant endpoint  for password updates? 

Not interested in using a jump box or CLI for password updates. The offbox platform already has a REST API to allow for privileged account password updates.

  • Hi Jorge,

    1.) TPAM was part of the PAM portfolio of One Identity. TAPM is no longer available for sale and is on End Of Service Life (EOS)

    2.) TAPM did not offer the functionality out of the box. You may be able to write a so called "Custome System Script" to implement password management. Because of the EOL i would recomend to use the Safeguard for Privileged Passwords (SPP) product instead which is the successor of TPAM and offers custom system scripts to so you may write something that talks to the REST API of your target system.

    Kind regards,