• Is authentication method workflow step mandatory for resetting password workflow?


    I am using password manager 5.8.2.

    I have a requirement that a helpdesk user can reset password for employee without any authentication.

    I have some employee who does not need to create a QA profile. If those employees call to the help desk for reset…

  • trap script error and change workflow patch via workflow

    Dear all,

    I would like to create a new workflow to assig local admin right to users that make a request to CSD but I'm stuck finding a way to trap the error of the script.


    function PreExecuting($workflow, $activity){
      $tn = $activity.Runtime.Controls…

  • Custom Workflow Availability



    I'm creating new self-service workflows in v5.6.3 that should be only visible to users that have their Q&A profile set up. I've configured the availability in the workflow settings as follows:

    Enable the workflow: Depending on the current…