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Setup Safeguard for RDP file transfer

Is there a way to setup the windows rdp session in safeguard to allow file transfer ? If so can it be restricted to a folder or drive ? 

  • Hi,

    Under Entitlement > Access Request Policies > If the Access Policy has RDP selected as the access type on the General tab, then you can select the following option if you want to allow the users to transfer data via the clipboard: 

    - Enable the check box: Allow Clipboard

    Selecting this option allows the users to copy a file or text from the client machine and paste it to the remote server via the RDP session.

    There are no options within Safeguard to restrict the file transfer to a particular folder or drive specifically, however, if any restrictions are already in place on the target system that would prevent pasting of files except to a particular folder or drive due to removed write permission for example then the same would apply when connected using RDP via Safeguard.