How to deploy SPS joined to SPP in a DR environment?

Hi guys,

Say a customer has 2 data centers (HQ and DR).  A 3-node SPP can be deployed as 2xSPP in HQ and 1xSPP in DR, this achieves high availability as well as DR failover for SPP.

If SPS needs to be joined and is also required to handle DR failover, what is the best way to deploy SPS in this setup?  Does anyone have any references on how other customers deploy it?



  • Hi,

    We have this situation, 3 site (2 hq in Rome & dr in Milan), a 3 node cluster of SPP (2 node in principal hq (1 is main node) and 1 in dr) joined with a 3 node "cluster"  (not Hi-avilibilty) of SPS (2 node in principal hq and 1 in dr), for SPS are important the roles you assign to nodes, we have in hq sites 1 node with role Central management & Search Master (this is a best practice), this node don't accept session because is a Search Master and 1 node with role  Managed host, Search minion, for dr 1 node with role Managed host, Search minion. You can also optimize network performance, configuring on SPP in Managed Network Tab the network flow per node between SPP & SPS...

    With this architecture we provide SSH sessions (via web/client requests), SSHsessions (SPS initiated), Password Vault and RDP (via web/client requests)