Hello colleagues, can you help please.

Our installation uses a solution with a load balancer to reduce the load on the RDS server.

The scheme is implemented approximately as follows:


We need to link users to specific RDS servers

When traffic passes through SMS, HAproxy does not receive RDP cookies, but if the traffic is sent directly to HAproxy, they are there.

Colleagues, please tell me whether it is possible to configure this behavior on SPS.

  • Hi Alexander, 

    This setup is not tested by One Identity, however our RDP proxy is designed to forward the cookies through multiple redirection events between the client, server and SPS. In your case we can check it on a best-effort basis what happens with the cookie but that'd require opening a ticket in our support system with the following details: 

    - connection details (SPS connection policy, HA proxy config)

    - tcpdump running on SPS during a test connection (it can be split into multiple TCP connections because of the several redirections)

    - RDP proxy debug log

    If you need further help regards the reproduction steps, our Support team is happy to help after you created a ticket in the Technical Service portal. 

    Best regards, 

    Istvan Jagri
    Product Owner