Hello All,

I want to create a VM lab. i have installed safeguards in VM and started the initial setup.

There are two options for licensing one is for the KMS server and another option is the license key. can anyone let me know where I can get this key?

  • You need to supply a Microsoft license to be able to start up the Safeguard VM. This is not something One Identity supply. One Identity will only supply you a trial license or actual full product license when you purchase the Safeguard SPP virtual product.

    If you purchase the hardware appliance the Microsoft license is included in the cost of the hardware.

    If you check out the admin guide it outlines the requirements:

    "Virtual appliance licensing

    You must license the virtual appliance with a Microsoft Windows license. We recommend using either the MAK or KMS method. Specific questions about licensing should be directed to your Sales Representative.

    Privileged sessions is available via a join to Safeguard for Privileged Sessions.

    The virtual appliance will not function unless the operating system is properly licensed.

    As a Safeguard for Privileged Passwords user, if you get an "appliance is unlicensed" notification, contact your Appliance Administrator".

    So you can either point the VM at a KMS server or enter a valid Windows 10 LTSC license key.

    Hope this helps