linked accounts automation

i would like to automatize the process about linking the user account to theri linked account and not to do always manually. Are there specific API that can i use for it?

  • Hi Dario,

    If you are adding users via Directory User groups, you can enable the option Automatically link Managed Directory Accounts.

    As per the admin guide:

    "At the bottom of the Directory Group dialog, select the Automatically link Managed Directory Accounts check box to have existing managed directory accounts set as linked accounts on the imported user.

    Based on the setting of the directory asset's "Managed Objects" attribute, the attribute values are used to match up with existing managed directory accounts in Safeguard. The Safeguard user’s set of linked accounts will periodically synchronize with the directory and be overwritten with the values from the directory. Any changes to the linked accounts made manually to the user are lost at the next directory synchronization (see Sync additions every under Management tab (add asset))

    Otherwise from API, you can utilize the Safeguard-PS module
    - There is a commandlet for: Add-SafeguardUserLinkedAccount

    For more details on the PowerShell module, please visit: