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Hello everybody i only need to know if i have a discovery that is configured to scan an AD group, i only need to know if for example a server is dismissed from this AD group, the next discovery understand that the server is no longer in the group and delete it also from safeguard or not.
second question: if i would like to put all these servers in a local group in safeguard automatically after each discovery, is it possible or not? In case, in which way?

thank you so much

  • Hi Dario,

    Discovery will only add newly discovered assets to Safeguard and does not perform any further update to the asset object after that. 

    Removing the asset from the discovery group will not delete the asset in Safeguard.

    For second question, you can add a tag to all assets discovered (configure the Asset Discovery rule to add a tag to discovered assets) then create a Dynamic Asset Group with a rule to include all assets that have that tag value. this way every new asset discovered will receive the tag and get added to the Dynamic asset group.


  • Hi Tawfiq, great! Clear!

    So for the second point is ok, perfect understood.

    only a doubt --> for the first point: when you say "...Removing the asset from the discovery group will not delete the asset in Safeguard..:" are you meaning if the asset is removed from the discovery group i.e. from the AD group? so this is not removed from safeguard....

    if is right, everything understood.

    thanks a lot!!!

    and merry christmas!

  • Hi Dario,

    Yes correct, removing the computer object from the AD group membership in AD will not delete the asset in Safeguard.

    Happy Holidays!


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