SPP took to long to respond.

Hello guys, 

We have customer that use the SPP appliance on the version 6.0.12. The clients connect to customer over the Remote Access VPN connection (CiscoAnyConnect) and try to access to SPP portal. When the user write down the SPP address (DNS name or IP address > https://appliance.domainname.com or htps:// the user firs time receive the message that "appliance.domainanme.com" took to long to respond. If the user wait around 20-30 second the page automatically loaded.

This always happen if the user try to open page with Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Edge,...). If the user try the same with Firefox the page loaded without any problem.

Maybe someone already have such problems and know the solution?

Best regards, Peter

  • Hi Peter,

    Is there any web proxy configured on these machines?

    Does Firefox use the same system proxy settings as Chrome? This could be another difference to check.

    Otherwise, if the machines inside the network work fine and issue is only when connected to the VPN, then the VPN connection be causing a delay that is only affecting Chromium browsers for some reason.

    Another test to rule out if this is an issue specific to SPP LTS, if possible to test against an SPP feature release v6.13.1 which uses an upgraded version of API v4

    If the customer must remain on LTS, the next release of SPP v7 LTS (upcoming next month) will include the new upgraded API version


  • Hi Tawfiq, 

    There no proxy configuration on these machines. Because of that on all the Proxy configuration is default. 

    On the machine in the LAN environment access to SPP work as should. Only when we connected trough the RAS VPN client (Cisco Any Connect) then the problem happen. When I try in my LAB over the CheckPoint RAS VPN client I didn't have such problem (I can not try with CiscoAnyConnect).

    At customer we also try access trough the Cisco Any Connect to SPS system, and this access work as should. Then we change the IP of SPP system to IP of SPS (just for test), but the same problem happen (Access to SPP on the new IP also took  to long to respond).

    Now I don't know what can we do. I assume, that the problem can be in the Cisco Any Connect, but I don't know how to prove that.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Peter,

    You could try to compare the trace route when on VPN vs direct network connection to see if any delays. Otherwise, it may be worth checking with Cisco AnyConnect support to see if they are aware of any options that can cause such issues when using VPN?


  • Hi Tawfiq, 

    Thany you for suggestions. The problem is because the SPP server not answer on ping requests. Becuase of that we also can not get any information regarding the delays.

    Best regards, 

  • Yes that is correct SPP will not respond to ICMP Ping but one option is to try a trace route from SPP to the client while on VPN (instead of other way around) from SPP > Settings > Appliance > Network Diagnostics > Trace route


  • Or you could try a telnet inbound through the VPN on one of the open ports SPP does support. PuTTy lets you select the port you wish to test on for instance.

    While you will not be able to login , this will tell you if you are reaching the SPP.