Managing offsite systems by Safeguard

Hi, would like to get some thoughts or if there are any features that would be able to cater for managing systems which are offsite. Firstly, by saying it is offsite, it means the target server/system is hosted outside customer's network and there is no direct connectivity from customer's datacenter (where Safeguard is hosted). So technically, there is no network route existing between Safeguard towards the target system to be managed.

Customer is accessing the target server via a PC which is hosted within the offsite datacenter by Teamviewer/Anydesk hence there is also no direct connectivity there. Any thoughts on how best Safeguard would be able to address this use case? Are there any upcoming Safeguard feature that might be addressing this use case, example, deploying an agent in DMZ of the offsite DC which helps to proxy connection etc? 


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