substitutions of three hardware appliances - BEST PRACTICE

Hello everybody i need to know if there is some best practite to substitute all three hardware appliances but without any impact. They have to keep the same IP. They cannot have any stop of the service. The old hardware appliances are version 2000 and the new are 3000. Is there any compatibility problems? Please can you suggest me the best way to substitute all three appliances in a best way? thank you so much

  • Hi Dario,

    There are no compatibility issues between Safeguard 2000 and 3000. 

    You can remove a Safeguard 2000 Replica 1 and replace it with a Safeguard 3000 Replica 1.

    Then do the same for the Safeguard 2000 Replica 2 and replace it with a Safeguard 3000 Replica 2.

    Failover the remaining Primary Safeguard 2000 to one of the Safeguard 3000 Replicas 1 or 2

    Replace the last Safeguard 2000 node with Safeguard 3000 node.

    Failback Primary role to the last Safeguard 3000 node if you wish to keep the Primary role as original Primary node.