Inquiry for API in SPP

Hi All,

I want to obtain the password of the management account through API. 

As I looked it up, it seems to be supported only in Windows (Powershell). 

I wonder if the password of the management account can be obtained through API in Unix system.

Please advice.

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  •   Have you looked at the Safeguard-Bash tools on GitHub >> ?

    I haven't used these myself yet, but from the documentation on the URL above: 

    "The script will facilitate a call to the Web API. Safeguard hosts multiple services as part of the Web API:

    • core -- the main Safeguard application Web API
    • appliance -- Web API for appliance-specific operations
    • event -- Connect to SignalR to receive live events (use event scripts for this)
    • a2a -- Specific Web API for application to application use cases

    A typical call to requires -s to specify a service from the list above, -m for the HTTP method to use (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE), and -U for the relative URL of the endpoint."

    I would assume from there you can request a password using Safeguard's Web API available on IP_or_dns/.../index.html

    Releases the password for this asset request if the request is approved and active:-

    AccessRequest > /v4/AccessRequests/{id}/CheckOutPassword  

    Reset a Password:-

    AssetAccount >  /v4/AssetAccounts/{id}/ChangePassword.

    There are a few Samples you can refer to. You can also report Enhancements or Bugs using the GitHub Issues section. 

    Hope that's useful to you. 

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your help on the explanation.

    Kind Regards,