MSSQL-specific settings in SPS 7.0

According to the admin manual in SPP, Session Request is not supported for SQL Server assets.

Reference:  Safeguard Supported Platforms

Nevertheless, there is an entire section about MSSQL-Specific Settings in SPS. So what is the purpose of this section if the session request is not supported?

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    There are few different workflows:

    1. SPP-initiated: this is when a user makes the request from SPP (Access requests that can be submitted at this time are (Password | RDP | RDP Application | SSH | and Telnet)

    2. SPS initiated: this is when a user initiates the connect using the Client for example RDP Client or SSH client such as Putty Without logging into SPP to make the request but this requires entitlements to be in place in SPP to allow SPS to retrieve the credentials from SPP and inject it in the connection. This is also limited to the supported session requests in SPP as above

    3. Using SPS directly without SPP where you can connect to target assets using the SPS supported protocols such as RDP | SSH | MSSQL | ICA | VNC etc. This method does not use SPP and therefore is not limited to the Access request options that are currently limited in SPP and therefore you can connect to any target that falls under the SPS supported session protocols directly in this flow: Client > SPS > target asset (For example: SQL Mgmt Studio > points to SPS which has a connection policy that allows connection to > SQL Server

    Here you can either use a different user as Gateway authentication when connection arrives at SPS then have a local credential store authenticate the local SQL admin account for example.

    For configuration or implementations we recommend you to consult with One Identity Professional Services team.


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