Seeking Safeguard for Privilege Passwords platform security questions for my Organization's Application Architecture

Is the Safeguard for Privilege Passwords platform intended for use as a Secrets Management Platform to support nonhuman workloads or is it primarily a human admin focused PAM tool.


How do applications prove their workload identity / avoid impersonation when accessing secrets? (i.e., protect the initial authentication mechanism to the secrets vault) – ideally a solution like Azure keyvault would be in place to avoid storing a secret to authn


Can Safeguard for Privilege Passwords integrate with Azure DevOps build pipelines?


How does Safeguard for Privilege Passwords integrate with .net/node.js/java/powershell/etc, are the secrets pulled dynamically at runtime?


How would devs use the system locally at build-time?


Safeguard for Privilege Passwords integrate/synchronize passwords to azure keyvault? AWS Secrets Manager?


Auditing: How granularly is password access / attempted access recorded?  How/Who/When things are accessed? Log retention period?


At the end-user UI level, who has access to see the secrets? How is permissioning handled?


Does Safeguard for Privilege Passwords offer functionality to rotate secrets?


Performance/Scalability/Availability: How is the system architected in current implementation, could it be relied upon for a critical 24x7 system?


What kind of traffic can it support for a portfolio full of applications talking to it?