How to setup RDS for internal load balancing?

I am working on a project to move our RDS platform from a legacy PAM platform to SPP/SPS. I have setup successfully a remote application using RDS (This was so very complicated in SPS/SPP), but when I try to use the connection broker to load balance the connections and send a new user to another RDS server in the cluster, it fails. It seems when checking out the remote app, the server listed in the remote app settings is the only one that can serve up the app.

I set that server to be the connection broker and trying to get it to send the user to any RDS server in the cluster, but it only connects when its the connection broker. I have played with all the settings in the connection settings in SPS as I could, and went through all documentation with a fine tooth comb (again, very lacking documentation for assistance and conflicting between their GITHUB docs with deployment docs), but that's just another rant of mine, lol. But I can't find anything on getting a an RDS connection broker host to assign out any RDS server to host the remote app. Every time I setup to enable other hosts in the cluster for connection, when the connection broker swings a user to another RDS host, I get the red X with the auth failure message. When I disable that, or set the weight to force the next connection back to the connection broker as listed in the SPP Host in the checkout, it works perfect.

Is there something I'm missing? Some kind of setting to allow a Remote App checkout to send all users to the RDS Connection Broker and allow that connection broker to send the users to any host in the cluster to give up a remote app?

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    Depending on the workflow you are using (SPP initiated which uses SPP-SPS join vs using SPS separately to handle the remoteApp sessions.) may provide different options in the configuration.

    SPP initiated does not use RD Gateway in the SPS connection policy and that is likely where the limitation is for this configuration. RDS load balancing would work with an SPS connection policy that is configured as RD Gateway but that would be incompatible for SPP initiated requests in that case.

    Due to the complexity of this specific configuration, I would suggest to consult with One Identity Professional Services team via a discussion with your account manager.